LR -5823a

Our beautiful End Grain Block and Plank flooring is reclaimed from support beams, rafters, siding and flooring from old Pennsylvania barns, houses and factories. Many of these buildings are over 200 years old, and some are even older. The lumber used to build these buildings originally would have been cut from virgin forests which when they were harvested would have been several hundred years old already. This in turn ages the lumber between 200 to 400 years old when it is reclaimed. Virgin forests grow very slowly making the grain tighter for a stronger grain structure. The beautiful colors, character and the rich patina color can only happen with time, hundreds of years. Much time, care and respect is given to the reclaiming process of these old buildings by the Amish as well as ourselves.  


Because of the area we live here in Pennsylvania, you can almost hear the conversations that took place within these buildings. Soldiers from the Revolutionary War and the Civil War discussing the winning of our independence, as well as the politics and the events of that era being discussed by the families that owned many of these farms. There is history in every board and every block with a story to be told.  


Let us help you own a part of this American Heritage and write another chapter to a never ending story.